Painting 21x30 cm
  • Painting 21x30 cm
  • Painting 21x30 cm
  • Painting 21x30 cm
  • Painting 21x30 cm
  • Painting 21x30 cm
  • Painting 21x30 cm

Painting 21x30 cm


Original painting on paper

  • Acrylic on paper.
  • 297x210 mm. approx.
  • Matt varnished.
  • Colour, dust and UV protection.
  • Signed on the front.
  • Authenticity certificate attached.


How does it work?

For commissions by Bran Sólo you can place your order from this page.

Choose the size and technique according to what you need and finalize the order. If you have any questions you can write to

Once the payment is done, write to the artist by email all the information you consider appropriate to start with your commission, such as details about composition, color, motif, story behind, inspiration, and attach reference photos.

Once the groundwork is laid, you will receive a photo of a sketch, and upon acceptance, your commission will begin to be painted.

It usually takes no more than two weeks, but it depends on the subject and technique.

It is shipped directly to its new home, unframed to protect the artwork from damage, and with free shipping worldwide.

Specific References



Guide to symbols in the work of Bran Sólo

The sea: Infinite place of calm, love, perfection, home.
Teeth: Pain, loss, fear.
Tentacle: Attempt to reach, to contain, to trap.
Houses in flames: The home that has been left behind and to which we can never return. Burning the past. To forget. Sometimes it burns and disappears, sometimes it is engulfed by the sea.
Hand with open eye: Hope, saved from shipwreck.
Key at the bottom of the sea: Secrets.
Couple of swifts: Love, dependence, union, couple.
Big ears: Proof that the character is undoubtedly a good person. A child with big ears has to learn to be a good person to survive.
Marks under the eyes: Sadness, dark circles under the eyes, sleepless nights.
Neck marks: Beard, maturity, masculinity.
Circle in the throat: Anguish, choking, lump in the throat.
Narwhals: Narwhals cannot be kissed.
Shipwreck: The frustration of unrequited love.
Constellations: A guide to understanding the incomprehensible. Many of the constellations are random, but they surely exist somewhere in some world.
Red plant: Emotions trying to escape. This plant, Man's Love (Tradescantia) grows everywhere, especially in the cracks between the rocks. The body is the rock, the heart a crack, and from there grow the feelings that try to escape and grow towards the infinite, in search of that which we all long for.
Deformed, blurred eye: Reference to the artist's visual impairment. Fear of blindness. Single point of view.