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  • Tarot

    The LAGUNA TAROT, conceived and illustrated by Bran Sólo, is a tool that redesigns the concept of Tarot. Based on psychology, and not on magic, it is a set of cards for personal development that helps to verbalize the issues that condition our personality, in addition to being a limited edition illustrated gift. The Laguna Tarot does not guess, but helps you to better understand the issues of your personality that may be affecting you unconsciously.

  • Wood

    Oil painting on wood. Handmade transfer of pigment on wood. Pieces in series of unique finish.

  • T-shirts and bags

    T-shirts and bags produced directly by Bran Sólo. Natural cotton fabric, screen printing handmade in Murcia and decorative motifs designed to make you the bluest person in the place.

  • NFT

    Exclusive single copy digital artwork by Bran Sólo - Purchase your NFT, own it forever, download the high resolution file of the original digital artwork and receive your NFT certificate.

    All Bran Sólo's NFTs are available at

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